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just a little bit more comfortable

Everything Castelli does is geared toward speed and comfort. The new Endurance Evolution fabric provides optimum muscle support with a perfect eight-panel anatomic fit. The leg ending is our renowned and often copied (though never equaled) GIRO3 elastic, and our Progetto X2 AIR seat pad is used with its ventilated skincare layer to keep you cool. Its two-layer design and multi-density padding ensures excellent comfort no matter how long your epic Sunday ride is.

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Free Tri Collection

Free is the result of years of Castelli aerodynamic research in cycling clothing resulting in flat seams and aerodynamic fabric surfaces that minimize time on the bike, along with run-enhancing comfort and temperature management. 

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View our Winter'14 Collection

Discover how to dress for riding in any autumn and winter riding condition - from cold and wet to mild and dry.

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Throw out everything you think you know about cycling jackets and redesign the way a jacket should be made. Or possibly how they’ll all be made in a few years when everyone else follows our lead once again. With the Alpha, we’re introducing several new techniques and fabrics to construct a lightweight, cool and cold weather jacket.

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How To Remove Leg-Warmers On The Bike - Pro Technique

Taking off leg- or knee warmers when you`re riding your bike can be a useful skill to know.…

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